Virtual Programs

The NHCAA Institute for Health Care Fraud Prevention - through the National Education and Training Series (NETS) - offers unique training opportunities for you and your team. Dive into the health care fraud challenges, gain new skills, and refresh your investigative strategies at our 2021 virtual programs.

Ideal for learning
Program formats are interactive and incorporate roundtables, case studies, and hands-on learning. Our programs provide the invaluable opportunity for health care anti-fraud professionals to network with one another, keeping abreast of industry trends while earning Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs).

Designed for different levels of experience 
Whether you are entry level or a highly experienced investigator, NHCAA offers training that meets your needs.

  • Level I - Little or no investigative / health care / IT expertise is expected, terms and acronyms are defined, concepts are explained in greater detail, and the education focus is on investigative skills.
  • Level II - Some investigative / health care / coding expertise is assumed, and training content is focused on the investigative process, using case examples to highlight investigative strategy and techniques.
  • Level III - Designed to meet the needs of senior investigators and managers, with a focus on synthesizing ideas and exploring strategies, concepts and information needed to direct a health care fraud investigative unit.

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AHFI® Prep Course
February 1 - March 5, 2021

The NHCAA AHFI® Prep Course is a one-day intensive program designed to highlight key content areas of the AHFI® Exam. Experienced faculty provide instruction on the key areas addressed in the AHFI® Exam enabling candidates to feel better prepared. This course should serve as a “refresher” for more seasoned investigators. You do not need to be accepted to take the AHFI® Exam in order to participate in the Prep Course.

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  $425 $425


Strengthening Your Data Analytics Strategies & Techniques
April 13–15 | 10 CPEsData

This new two-day program, geared towards experienced analysts, combines lecture, facilitated group discussion, and hands-on programming. By walking through case examples, participants will practice data analysis strategies and techniques to uncover leads and fraud schemes. In addition, they will better understand how data can be used through all phases of an investigation. Faculty will share their best practices to maximize fraud, waste, and abuse analytics, organize and present data, and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders.

Boot Camp for Health Care Fraud Investigators
May 11–19 | 20 CPEsBoot Camp

This program is specifically designed for those new to the industry. Over seven days, expert faculty, utilizing a mix of live and on-demand presentations, will help your newest team members acquire an understanding of the core competencies necessary to combat health care fraud.

Schemes for Health Care Fraud Investigators & Analysts
June 21–25 | 20 CPEsSchemes

This annual training will be held mostly on demand with a few live sessions. Speakers will offer investigators and analysts insights on detecting and investigating a variety of schemes through coding, analytics, and other red flags.

Enhancing Your Skills: Managing & Navigating Complex InvestigationsSkills
August 10–12 | 10 CPEs

This virtual program is designed to enhance the skills of middle managers and investigators on the rise. Content focuses on the skills necessary for complex investigations. Speakers, utilizing case studies, will unravel complex schemes through a focus on case management, internal collaboration, analytics, team development, and partnership with law enforcement. In addition, faculty will examine skills experienced anti-fraud professionals need, such as interviewing and negotiation, to conduct effective investigations.

Registration Category

1NHCAA Member rate applies to all NHCAA Member Organizations, Affiliate Members, Individual Members, Platinum Members, Premier Supporting Members and Supporting Members.
2Government rate applies to NHCAA Law Enforcement Liaisons and other attendees from local, state and federal public agencies.
3Non-Member participants must occupy a professional position with a private for-profit or not-for-profit health care reimbursement organization, or in a local, state or federal law enforcement, prosecutorial, or regulatory agency or in a professional disciplinary organization. All registrations will be reviewed to ensure these eligibility requirements are met. If you are not in one of these positions, but wish to attend, please email us at: