AHFI Prep Course

Due to the evolving situation with COVID, NHCAA is currently creating an online version of our AHFI Prep Course. Please check back in July for updated information on registration and materials. We will host an in-person program again when the time is appropriate and its once again safe to meet in large groups..

The NHCAA AHFI® Prep Course is a one-day intensive program designed to highlight key content areas of the AHFI® Exam. Experienced faculty provide instruction on the key areas addressed in the AHFI® Exam enabling candidates to feel better prepared. This course should serve as a “refresher” on information that a seasoned investigator should already know.

The AHFI® Prep Course has been developed based on the following areas. These represent the categories of expertise that emerged from the comprehensive analysis conducted in 2018.

  • The Nature and Scope of The U.S. Health Care System
  • The Business and Operations of the Health Care Insurance System
  • Prevention, Identification and Detection of FWA
  • Investigative, Resolution and Reporting Process

Additional information including study guide is provided when an applicant is accepted.

Registration coming soon. For questions, contact AHFI@nhcaa.org.